The good Taco with Osnabrück Peace Ham

Recipe for 10 small taco shells

1/ Cut the Osnabrück Peace Ham into very thin slices.

2/ Finely chop iceberg lettuce, then wash, dry and spin.

3/ Drain the jalapeños, cut into small rings and mix with the sour cream.

4/ Coarsely grate the cheddar.

5/ Now you can fill the tacos: Start with the lettuce, then sour cream, then add the ham and cheddar. Finally, sprinkle with coriander.


200 g Osnabrück Peace Ham (approx. 20 slices)

10 taco shells

100 g iceberg lettuce

30 g jalapeños

100 g sour cream

Leaves of 20 coriander sprigs

100 g cheddar cheese

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