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Salgiano®: There has never been anything like this before

When he got the idea Bert Mutsaers’ mouth started watering: A completely new product with a Parmesan core inside, wrapped in delicious salami. After over three years of development and countless tests, visits to cheese dairies in Italy, and deciding on a completely new sales concept, we were able to present the latest speciality from the sausage and ham manufactory in spring 2018: SALGIANO®!
Parmigiano Reggiano, ripened for 12 months, the finest delicious salami from 100% free stall husbandry, a special natural ripening process and a wafer-thin cold cut in the fresh bag: These are the success factors of our Salgiano®, which is unparalleled in its reflection of “La Dolce Vita”. This is how you start a small revolution at the deli counter!